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Cultivating Good:  A Photo Essay

Cultivating Good:  A Photo Essay

by Susan and Todd Montgomery

We recently had a wonderful experience learning about a Southern California company called Cultivating Good, the parent company that includes E.A.T. (Extraordinary Artisan Table) Marketplace, Harvest 2U, and E.A.T.@Home. Cultivating Good is owned by Don Webber and Leah Di Bernardo. Good food is such a sensory, visual experience that we decided to express our experience through this photo essay. (We are sorry we can't also capture the wonderful aromas and tastes. Maybe someday the ever-evolving Internet will be able to do that too.) For more detailed information, go to Linda Milks' article about Cultivating Good on this website, listed under Food, right under this article.

 Vibrant Somalian Bantu farmers in Southern California are examples of the many suppliers of fresh produce to E.A.T. and Harvest2U. 

All the farms providing produce are local, within a 50-mile radius of E.A.T. and Harvest2U.

E.A.T. Marketplace (Extraordinary Artisan Table) is a place to gather for beautifully prepared dishes made from locally grown produce.

E.A.T is a "third place" (after your home and your work) to gather with family and friends and enjoy good food together.

The E.A.T. Marketplace setting is stylish and welcoming.

All E.A.T. employees are required to work on a local farm as part of their training. As a result, employees are knowledgeable about the locally sourced food they are serving. They are also happy and friendly.

One of the delicious and healthy dishes we were served was a Kale House Rock Salad.

Sweet treats can also have healthy ingredients, such as the bacon doughnuts and the orange and tumeric doughnuts we were served.

The butternut roasted squash and Drake goat cheese flatbread was full of flavor and nutritious.

Leah Di Bernardo, one of the owners of Cultivating Good and E.A.T. Marketplace, talked to us about their vision of healthy, locally grown, sustaninable food.

Chef Matt Cassell, who trained with Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay, is now the talented and innovative chef at E.A.T.

Harvest2U, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), is another part of Cultivating Good. It focuses on direct delivery of locally grown organic produce throughout the year.

Harvest2U obtains its produce from farms that produce a variety of crops throughtout the year so that customers have the experience of eating fresh food locally. Sometimes a customer will be eating a cabbage picked just a few hours earlier. 

Harvest 2U offers a variety of quantity and frequency options to customers. To sign up go to their website at 

E.A.T.@Home is the branch of Cultivating Good that delivers organic, artisan-prepared meals directly to customers' homes.

Members of the International Food, Wine and Traveler Writers Association are fascinated as they learn about what it takes to produce and deliver organic, seasonal, locally grown food.

The President of the  International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association, Linda Kissam (right), receives a check for the organization's scholarship fund from Cultivating Good owners, Don Webber and Leah Di Bernardo.

E.A.T. Marketplace is located at 28410 Old Town Front Street in Temecula, which is about an hour northeast of San Diego and no more than two hours from anywhere in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.


Posted by Susan Montgomery on Mar 01, 2015