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About Us

About Us

Susan and Todd Montgomery are a writing/photography team who love documenting their travels and experiences with upbeat articles and vibrant photos. While they have been writing about and photographing the world around them throughout their lives, their move from Wisconsin to Southern California four years ago opened up many new opportunities for their work. They particularly love living in a wine country destination.  They hone their skills in reviewing food and wine (both always great loves of theirs) by participating on a Wine Review Council that pairs foods with a variety of wines.

In his previous careers, Todd was a financial advisor, urban planner and university professor. Susan owned a publishing company, was an English teacher, and worked in advertising and marketing. In addition, Susan wrote two biographies of artists published by the Museum of Wisconsin Art and the University of Wisconsin Press.  Together, Susan and Todd created a photography gift book, What Really Matters Now, published by Peter Pauper Press (White Plains, New York). This book sold more than 30,000 copies all over the world. However, they both agree that their current creative endeavors provide the most fun they’ve had in their professioinal lives and they want to share their experiences with others—particularly with those, like themselves, who appreciate living the good life at any age.

In addition to posting articles and photos on Life-Uncorked, they publish in a variety of other publications. You can also find many articles by Susan on since she is the San Diego Food and Restaurant Examiner and also a Food and Wine Examiner for that site. Most of the photos accompanying her articles are taken by Todd. Susan and Todd are members of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association and Susan is on the group's Board of Directors. Todd is also active in Rotary of Temecula and Susan is on the Board of Directors of the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony.

Susan and Todd have four fabulous children—Liz, Kristin, Tripp and David—who live all over the country and the world (and who also love food and wine).  They also have three especially talented grand-children—George, Libby and TJ—who live and thrive in Hong Kong. Their precocious and adorable cocker spaniels, Catie and Chester, live with them in Temecula, California, and accompany them on many photo shoots, where they watch out for lizards and bunnies.

Please note:  Some of the articles and photos we publish are based on dining, drinking or travel experiences that were sponsored by organizations, restaurants or wineries, but the opinions in our articles are always completely our own. Our primary goal is always to provide accurate and interesting information to our readers.