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May 20, 2019

East Jesus: A Desert Enclave for Artists and Free Spirits

Imagine a world without waste—a world that takes advantage of every opportunity to use discarded, recycled, or repurposed materials to create an experimental, sustainable, and habitable “homesteaded…READ MORE

Apr 08, 2019


The following story and recipe are from John Clinton Gray's wonderful collection of stories called  Gift of Seeds.  And by the way, we've tried this…READ MORE

Mar 09, 2017

Star-lit Sculptures in the Desert

A warm wind blows across me, but I still feel a chill run down my back. I'm alone in the desert. I’m at one of the darkest…READ MORE

Jun 28, 2016

An Enthralling Travel Book about Living Life to the Fullest

Book Review:  Life on the Loose: My Journey from Suburban Housewife to Outdoor Guide What is it like to completely break out of your daily routines and reach way…READ MORE

Oct 16, 2015

The Phantom Visits Europa

I’m scared. Are you? The mysterious Phantom of the Opera will be visiting Europa Village Winery on October 29, just before the spookiest day of the year. But this…READ MORE

Feb 18, 2015

Broadway Hit Highlights Wine Country Romance

The sun had just set. The lights were low. The music was lilting. The wine at first sparkled and then was deep and rich. The food was beautifully presented and…READ MORE

Feb 02, 2015

Two Cultures, One Spirit:  A Book Review

Our Interwoven Lives with the Zapotec Weavers is beautiful memoir of lives and families from completely different cultures that have intertwined and enriched each other for several decades. The differences…READ MORE

Oct 11, 2014

Jane Culp:  Dorland artist captures desert landscape

Throughout the years, many accomplished artists have created some of their best work while they were Dorland Mountain Arts Colony residents. Dorland has provided the serenity and inspiration they needed…READ MORE

Jun 14, 2014

Robert Willis:  A man of many talents

Robert Willis may be 90 years old, but after talking with him I was convinced that 90 is the new 60.  Robert has been the artist in residence and caretaker of the…READ MORE

Apr 20, 2014

Who did it at Europa?

Recently, Europa Village Winery in the Temecula Valley Wine Country presented another one of its stellar dinner theatre events.  The mystery this time was “Trouble at the Tropicana.…READ MORE