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Chocolate and Wine: A Winning Duo at Pechanga

Chocolate and Wine: A Winning Duo at Pechanga

by Susan and Todd Montgomery

Pechanga Resort & Casino recently created a lovers’ paradise—wine and chocolate lovers, that is.  More than a thousand of them found their way to the resort's Decadence and Wine Festival held February 27 and 28.  We were there on Friday night for the scrumptious array of chocolates and premiere wine pairings.  The festival filled up more than 21,000 square feet of space with samples of enticing chocolate treats, all created by the topnotch pastry staff at Pechanga. Wines from all over the world paired beautifully with the sweet confections. Knowing that proceeds from the festival benefitted Habitat for Humanity made indulging in chocolate and wine even more satisfying. Since words can hardly describe the tempting desserts available, these photos may better capture the spirit of the event.


We were greeted with Pechanga's exquisite, traditional Chinese New Year tree in the lobby.

Chocolate came in all shapes and sizes.

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere . . .

Tempting creations surrounded us.

The chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries and apples was a big hit.

The Pechanga staff was gracious and friendly, making all of us feel welcomed.

Music from the David Baldonado Trio lilted through the event.

Cotton candy was a very special treat.

Making chocolate sauce is a happy task.

First we savored a chocolate dessert and then we paired it with wine. Here Europa Village Winery from Temcecula Valley Wine Country poured a deep, rich red.

Servers from South Coast Winery were having almost as much fun as the guests.

Even Tequila was being served when guests needed a break from wine.

Melting chocolate is a fun part of the job.

Not all sweet treats were chocolate, but they were still delicious.

Luscious custard went well with white wines.

Raspberries and blueberries make eating chocolate healthy!

Strawberries are healthy too.

Raspberries and whipped cream cakes were wonderful.

The chefs at Pechanga outdid themselves with this fabulous event. We can't wait until next year.






Photos taken by Todd Montgomery.


Posted by Susan Montgomery on Mar 07, 2015