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Happy Bob Ross Cocktails

Happy Bob Ross Cocktails

by Linda Stewart

Robin, a writer friend of mine, contacted me a while ago with a cocktail request.  Her friends were having a Bob Ross party and they wanted to serve cocktails that would harmonize with their theme.  As a Bob Ross fan, I was delighted to take on this assignment.

Bob Ross (1942-1995) was a painter and host of The Joy of Painting, which originally aired on PBS stations from 1983 to 1994.  Due to YouTube, Ross has a renewed pop culture following.  He has been featured in a Google Logo, board games, and video games.  “Happy” was his favorite word.  He would say he was painting happy little trees, happy clouds, etc.  For some people, his soothing, melodious voice produces a calm, relaxed feeling known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).  ASMR research is ongoing, but some scientists are hopeful that ASMR will be able to help with insomnia and anxiety. ASMR made an appearance in the 2019 Super Bowl commercial, with the soft, whispering voice of Zoe Kravitz introducing Michelob Ultra Pure Gold by pouring the beer slowly into a glass to enhance its effervescent, bubbling tones.  But whether or not you’re a Bob Ross fan, or whether or not you experience ASMR, I think the following cocktails will definitely make you feel happy. 


Happy Little Cloud Cocktail

4 oz. cream (or eggnog, if during the holidays)

1 oz. White Crème de Cacao (or Hazelnut Liqueur or Amaretto)

1 oz. Brandy

Fill shaker with ice cubes.  Add ingredients.  Shake for 30 seconds.  Pour into an Old Fashioned glass half-filled with ice.  Makes one cocktail. 


Happy White Cosmo

2 ½ oz. vodka

1 ½ oz. white cranberry juice

1/2 oz. triple sec

1 Tbs. fresh lime juice

Pour vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.  Pour into a Martini glass.  Garnish with a lime peel.  Makes one cocktail.




Happy Ross Fizz

2 oz. gin

1 oz. cream

1 egg white (I use dehydrated egg white or pasteurized egg whites)

1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice

1 Tbs. fresh lime juice

2 tsp. superfine sugar or powdered sugar

2 to 3 drops orange flower water

club soda

Fill cocktail shaker with ice.  Pour all ingredients into shaker except club soda.  Shake vigorously for over one minute until egg white is frothed.  Pour into a Collins glass and top with club soda.  Garnish with an orange twist.  Makes one cocktail.


Posted by Susan Montgomery on Mar 19, 2019